Breast Revision

Patient shown after multiple Breast Augmentation surgeries performed
by an outside surgeon.
35-year-old sub-pectoral augmentation done elsewhere with a 325 cc saline implant is unhappy with the boney appearance. She underwent liposuction to the saddlebags with lipo-transfer to the chest along with pocket revision and implant exchange. New implants are Sientra 535ccs HP HSC+ cohesive silicone gel with a smooth shell. 120ccs transferred into each side. After photos are 6-weeks after surgery.
Patient shown after multiple Breast Augmentation surgeries performed
by an outside surgeon.
Patient shown after Breast Revision Surgery at Edina Plastic Surgery.
54 yo 5'2 133 lbs. Patient underwent 1st augmentation in 1975 with a saline implant over the muscle. She had a second procedure done at an outside surgeon in 2005 for left capsule, then again in 2006 twice. In 2011 she came to Edina Plastic Surgery where we changed her to submuscular 750ccs Inamed style 20 silicone gels.
She remains perfectly soft after 6 months.
30 yo had Revisional Surgery. Her original Breast Augmentation was performed at another practice, and then she had an eventual lower breast lift at another outside facility. She had breast asymmetry and constant left breast pain when presenting to our facility. She underwent exploration of the left pocket where a permanent suture was removed and bilateral pocket repair was done. The left implant was exchanged for one that projected more and was larger. She has no more breast pain and
much improved symmetry.
Patient's original before photos
Patient's photos showing 325cc saline implants
Patients after photos showing revisional results using 492cc gel implants
39 yo 5' 4" Revisional Surgery. She underwent Augmentation Mammoplasty using a Mentor 325cc saline implant at another practice. She was not happy with the ripple she experienced and underwent implant exchange to an Inamed style 15, 492cc gel.
1 week photos
27 yr. old, 5'4" 125 pounds, 36B to 36 full C
Implants exchange from 325cc saline (done in 2000) to 640 HP with 700ccs fill. After original surgery, patient had 2 children and wanted to fill out skin.
2 month post-op photos
Individual results may vary.