Breast Explant Surgery


38 yo 5’6” 125 lbs. Underwent augmentation mammoplasty with a silicone gel implant having an excellent and natural result. She used a 414 cc HP smooth walled cohesive gel. A previously diagnosed Thyroiditis flared up and the patient was concerned about possible association with the implants. She had explant under local anesthesia. Photos are pre-op, with implants post-op and again a post-op without the implants. One month photos. No change in medical condition was noted at one month.


49 yo underwent peri-areolar lift and breast augmentation elsewhere. She would like a higher and smaller breast. She had a bilateral explant with secondary mastopexy. 7 week photos.


41 yo underwent augmentation elsewhere using a 450 ccs saline implant 10 years ago. 4 years ago returned to her surgeon to get a smaller implant and changed to a silicone gel type. She still felt too large and has now sought removal at our office. Photos are pre-op and 4 weeks post explanation. Breast shows some tightening and shape improvement over time.